4 Steps Of Problem Solving

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The questions in this tool are designed to help you examine your business processes, and to help identify possible improvements.

The tool uses Kipling’s six honest serving men: what, why, when, how, where and who (as discusssed in our article: Best Management Tools Ever? This problem solving technique is part of our comprehensive Seven Step Problem Solving process.

Each person must say hello to each other person exactly once. Step 1 - Understand the problem Okay, so we have 10 people saying hello, but they don't have to say hello to themselves, only to the 9 other people.

I need to know how many times the word 'hello' is said. Step 2 - Devise a plan A diagram might be a great to show me what is happening here.

If I draw the diagram as a circle with 10 points (representing each of the 10 people), I can visualize each saying hello.

Step 3 - Carry out the plan Drawing the diagram of one person saying hello, we see that each person will have to say hello 9 times, thus there will be 10 people each saying hello 9 times. Finally, Step 4 - Check your work90 hellos might not make sense if there are 10 people; you might think the answer should have been 100.

A final tip: Look for the small changes to the process which could have a big impact on the process as a whole.

Ask the question: “What small change would significantly improve the process?

The final step in the process is very important, but many students skip it, feeling like they have an answer so they can move on now.

The final step is to Look Back, which really means to check your work. Try using Polya's 4-Step Process to solve this riddle: There are 10 people at a party.


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